Q: Why “Give 5 Productions”?

A: “Give 5” because we give at least 5% of our income to 5 for-purpose / non-profit organizations every year. “Productions” because that’s what we do! We produce, manage, direct and perform in fantastic acts.

Q: Where is Give 5 Productions based?

A: The Give 5 Productions (AKA "G5P") office is in Southeast Denver, CO. Let us know when you want to come have coffee, tea or chocolate with us! Most of G5P acts are based in Colorado. The Beverly Belles have bands and trios in Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, NV as well as Denver, CO.

Q: How are the 5 organizations chosen?

A: We open up a dialogue on our Facebook page and invite our community (pssst - that’s YOU!) to let us know about organizations that are doing great work and need financial help. Once we have a list of local and global organizations spanning across a diverse number of purposes, we ask all the folks that work under the G5P umbrella - our production team, singers, musicians, technicians, etc - to vote and choose their favorites.

Q: Is G5P a non-profit organization?

A: G5P is for profit and for purpose. We aim to do what we do best - producing, managing and performing in fantastic acts - while serving the greater good. We have a deep desire to make our work extend well beyond the stage.