Committed to quality and always operating with laughter and integrity, we are...

The G5Team



G5P Founder, Producer, Vocalist, Artistic Director


Colorado native,

UNC Greeley music grad,

15 years living in NYC, LA, Tokyo, Toronto, Orlando and cruise ships; Julia is over the moon to be back in Denver.


If not in the G5P office, rehearsal or on stage, you might find Julia in a yoga class or gardening with her husband Heath, daughter Lily Jean and Tootsie Pop - the pug.



The Beverly Belles

SoCal Manager


When Aly isn’t making music,

she is often making

Courageous Wellness podcasts, making guacamole or

making it to that yoga class

by the skin of her teeth.



Rockslide Emcee

+ Client Care


Verbally creative, fervent with the flavor, Colorado native but Myke's home is

where the stage is. 


CO's Emcee...MC

Get it? MC? Myke Charles?!

Boom! Mic drop.




Bluegrass Bandleader


Swallow Hill Music faculty. Colorado Native.  Father of four.  Loves making music and craft beer.



G5P Creative Director

& Properties Manager



Backbone of the biz

and husband to Julia

Professional Comic

G5P and The Beverly Belles would be nothing without

this man.



The Beverly Belles NorCal Manager


Born and raised in California-Monika has lived all along the sunny state. Monika studied music in northern and southern California and currently teaches her music students on the Monterey peninsula.


She’s married to her high school friend turned college sweetheart and is Mom to two sweet, outdoor loving boys. When she is not cooking and sneaking in some R&R-you can find her and the family at the ocean, river, or Monterey Bay Aquarium. 



Rocky Mtn Bluegrass

Booking Manager


Jayme has been a part of Give 5 Productions for many happy moons...AKA 2012! 


She is a wife, dog mom and performer who lives for all things music and culinary arts.


Bluegrass is her game here at G5P.



Production Assistant,

Client Care, Vocalist


A walking contradiction, Trinity is a divine concoction of beautiful chaos. Her schedule may be booked from sun up to sun down, but you can bet your bottom dollar it's color-coded using her plethora of colored pens. 


When she's not busy trying to reign in her OCD, Trinity's probably enjoying a long hike, a long bath, or a Long Island.



The Beverly Belles

Vegas Manager


Rachel = West End, Broadway & Vegas Diva (just on stage, super nice in person)


She was an original Beverly Belle in Los Angeles in 2014!



The Beverly Belles

SoCal Client Care


April has been a Soprano 1 with the Beverly Belles for two years now and has had the chance to travel all over the world

with the gals.


A Louisiana native, she attended the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts in Musical Theatre and has a Bachelor of Music Degree in Musical Theatre from Oklahoma City University.


April was Miss Louisiana 2015 and talent winner and 3rd runner up to Miss America 2016.


She now resides in Los Angeles with her husband Dan and is a full time actor and singer. 

The G5P Mission


Make our audiences HAPPY

We work hard to earn trust, spread joy

and over-deliver to make each experience unforgettable

Do what we LOVE

We believe in a balanced lifestyle where we are

living our passions and thriving in every way

GIVE BACK to our community

Our efforts extend far beyond the stage to help those in need


Keep filling up that glass of L-O-V-E! 

Ooh it tastes so good!


"You're crazy!"

- Julia's dad 

When I set out to create a business in the live music industry in 2007 in NYC, it was no picnic. But as my dad also says, “when they knock ya’ down, get right back up and keep going kiddo!”

After all our hard work building a profitable business, and with the help of Marie Forleo and B-School, we realized there was more we are being called to do.

Hence the birth of Give 5 Productions - our 2018 re-brand!

We jump out of bed a lot faster knowing that our work extends well beyond the stage.

We may drop the mic, but we don't drop the ball on serving our world.


Join us!

Julia Tobey

Founder, G5P

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