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JANUARY 30, 2019

BLACK IRIS collective : Female Vocal Trio + DJ + optional addition of 1 - 7 musicians.

People want women-run companies, lady bands, feminine power, something totally different.  Meet Julia, Shelby and Seles. You’re welcome.

Tasos and David from TH Entertainment are just killin’ the DJ game and keep the party going with the lovely ladies.

Please join BLACK IRIS collective as they perform around Denver in February 2019! “Life is Better in Color” - Friday, February 15 info | “Thursday Therapy” - Thursday, February 21 info

And let us know if you’d like to speak to a past client, like Joel Villezcas of E-5 Events, Denver-based DMC who produced a super killer event at The Denver Art Museum - photos in this post.

BTW - our name came from the revolutionary feminist art work by Georgia O’ Keefe in the early 1920s. Damn, she was brave!

Photo credit and much love and gratitude to Danielle Uhl from Underexposed Photography

See more photos, info and video on BLACK IRIS collective Facebook page


Have an upcoming corporate event, private gathering, gala or wedding you want to discuss? Contact us today. We are happy to answer any and all questions!

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