Thank you for working with us!

We are honored we get a bit of your time and talent with Give 5 Productions
and / or Sublimelight Studios.

We hope to work with you for years to come! The below policies, expectations and clarifications will help ensure satisfaction on our end and we always invite constructive feedback from you at any time.

Keep me posted with questions.


Jenny Mather
Give 5 Productions & Sublimelight Studios



At no time are you considered an employee. You are an Independent Contractor with us.



Please be sure to be extremely prepared for every gig, rehearsal or class.

Gig details are available in DJEP - -  and will be automatically emailed to you as well. Let us know if you need your logon details.

Communicate to your leaders well in advance of the date if you need assistance.


ATTIRE, appearance

Be well groomed! Be sure hair, beards, makeup, attire, etc. are ready to go for your date(s).


Please arrive to gigs looking nice, even if loading in for sound check. No overly tattered clothing, ripped tee shirts, etc.

It is of utmost importance your gig attire is pressed and clean.

Band members are asked to wear nice black and white cocktail attire onstage:

  • crisp white button up long sleeved shirt

  • black pants, suit jacket, tie, socks and dress shoes

G5P will lend hats, bowties, suspenders, etc. 

Effective Sept 1, 2021: band members will be docked pay if onstage attire is not presentable. (wrinkled, dirty, etc.)

If you are teaching with us, please wear appropriate attire and look nice and professional. No expletives on tee shirts, inappropriately low cut tops or high cut pants, etc.



Utmost professionalism is expected at all times.

Be careful not to swear, arrive on time or early for all call times, etc.

Please direct all questions to your G5P or Sublimelight manager. Please do not ask the planner or client any questions directly.

Be aware when the client is nearby and be on your best behavior, yes - even in the green room.

Be polite, be grateful. To everyone please.



We pay Independent Contractors twice a month through Gusto.

When you work with us, you will be invited to Gusto where you can securely enter your SSN, mailing address, checking account information, etc.

Payments are scheduled on the Tuesday closest to AFTER the 1st and 15th of each month.

Payments can take a few days to hit your account and national holidays can delay a pay date as banks are closed.

In each New Year, Gusto will email you a 1099. You can also log on to your Gusto account at any time to access past payment totals, tax documents, etc.

All gigs, classes in DJEP or the Mind Body app are automatically paid by us twice a month.

If you performed a one-time service for us, please be sure to email a detailed invoice to Jenny Mather.

If you require a reimbursement for a pre-approved expense, please email a photo of any and all receipts to Jenny Mather.

If you are being paid for rehearsals with us, that pay will hit after your first gig with us. 




Be sure to strike instrument cases, clothing, backpacks etc. to the green room well before the event is open to guests.

If you are issued costume pieces from G5P at a gig, please be sure to return them to where you found them in the green room or to the on-site Gig Manager. 
It is unacceptable to take them off and leave them where ever.

Please arrive 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the band to set up your kit. If the band is called at 4 pm for sound check, please be sure you are loading in at 3:30 pm. The sound engineer needs extra time to mic all your drums.


Again, please keep us posted on how we can support you!

Thanks for working with us and taking the time to read this.

Jenny Mather
Give 5 Productions & Sublimelight Studios