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MAY 21, 2018

Give 5 Productions represents the Colorado Wedding Bands with the Biggest Hearts: Rockslide, Rocky Mtn. Bluegrass, The Beverly Belles and more! Every time our clients book one of these ensembles, a portion of those sales is given back to our community to support the initiatives our clients and artists care about most.  

Give 5 Productions is an organization that believes in the importance of giving back to our community and contributing to the organizations dedicated to making this world a better place. Every year we give 5 percent of our income to five nonprofits that have been nominated by our social media followings and voted on by the amazing Colorado Wedding Bands we work with.

For 2018, our Denver Wedding Bands are proud to support wildlife through a donation to The Wild Animal Sanctuary, an organization that rescues and provides lifelong homes for large, exotic and endangered captive wild animals. They also educate the public about the causes of and solutions to the world’s captive wildlife crisis.

All animals that come to The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) are rescued from abusive/neglectful and/or illegal situations. These animals are allowed to live and thrive with other large carnivores of their kind, and while guests are able to visit the sanctuary, TWAS avoids putting added pressure on these animals through a 1 ½ - mile long elevated walkway that allows you to view the habitats from above.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary's 1 1/2- Mile long elevated walkways that allows you to view habitats from above.

As the oldest and largest sanctuary in the world dedicated to rescuing wildlife, The Wild Animal Sanctuary has managed to rescue well over 1,000 animals in their 38 years of operation. They receive no government funding and feed them about 60,000 pounds of food per week, solely through donations from caring individuals and organizations.

Kent Drotar, Public Relations Director for TWAS, informed us that they recently just purchased 9,000 acres of new land which will allow them to continue rescuing these animals for decades to come. This expands their capacity to serve, but also means that they have additional income needs in order to meet these demands. This is a huge milestone for The Wild Animal Sanctuary and Give 5 Productions and our Colorado Wedding Bands are thrilled to contribute to the success of this wonderful organization.

“After working day and night for the past 38 years strictly for the benefit of animals, I genuinely appreciate meeting people who have the same passion for helping our four-legged friends.” said Pat Craig, executive director and founder of TWAS, when asked about the pledge. “The world is full of challenges and problems that can test even the strongest resolve, but when it comes to helping those who cannot help themselves, I’m glad to say even the most timid rise to the occasion!”

Give 5 Productions and the Colorado Wedding Bands we work with are happy to support the amazing work being done by this organization and their dedication to serving those who cannot help themselves.

Give 5 Productions is Colorado’s premier source for Wedding Bands in Denver, Wedding Bands in Keystone, Wedding Bands in Vail, Wedding Bands in Breckenridge, Wedding Bands in Colorado Springs, Wedding Bands in Fort Collins and Wedding Bands in other destinations across the state! We provide the best wedding bands and entertainment in Colorado all while making a difference in our community. Follow our blog for updates on this year's nonprofits, wedding tips and tricks and insight on the wedding entertainment industry!

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